The AVERT (Addressing Violent Extremism and Radicalisation to Terrorism) Research Network is a multidisciplinary research initiative based at Deakin University’s Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation (ADI) in Melbourne, Australia. The Network brings an experienced group of highly engaged and critically informed social science, humanities and multidisciplinary research academics together with community and government partners who believe in conducting meaningful and robust research for the public good.

Through its members around Australia and internationally, AVERT has specific expertise and strengths in research focusing on various points along the continuum of understanding, preventing

and intervening in radicalisation to all forms of ideological violence, and the implications and impacts of this for social and community wellbeing. We aim to understand and reduce the social harms created by violent extremism, and how we respond to this, on the fabric of our local, national and transnational communities.

As an Australian based research network, we engage both globally with colleagues, institutions and issues and trends, while remaining strongly grounded in local contexts and knowledge relevant for Australian community and policy landscapes.  We are committed to transparency, dialogue and debate regarding the implications and effectiveness of our research and evaluation design, findings and outcomes.

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